Do you believe gay marriage should be legal or illegal?

Please argue your point. I’m trying to get many perspectives on the issue but I personally believe that gay marriage should be legal in the United States.

I feel the way this is happening is backwards to what america is supposed to stand for. The United States of America is a free country should have always allowed gay marriage. The people that don’t like it should be the ones fighting to get there way. You have law that are made to protect the rights and keep the peace. Not prevent someone from doing something because you think it is wrong. I think that this is the lack of separation of church and state to some extent, i feel this because i feel people are making a lot of their opinion based on their religion, and not based on the question it self.

I could go on and on but who care. Which can be applied to this question who cares that we shouldn’t let gay people marry, any\d why?

Of course it should be legal. We should never be allowed to dictate how to people chose to live their lives, as long as no one else is being harmed, directly.

For all the posters who say &quot:it should be up to the states&quot:, I need to ask, Do you understand anything about civil law? If California decides to allow to same sex marriage, and Florida denies it, that means that if a legally married couple were to move from California to Florida, their marriage would no longer be legal, they’d lose all benefits and legal powers granted by the marriage. States need to uphold contracts from other states, which means all states need to be in compliance, which is why the federal government needs to legalize it across the states.

Secondly, you don’t get to vote on civil rights. You don’t get to decide how to a group of people get to live just becuase they are different.

gay marriage should be illegal because marriage is fundamentally an institution to ensure the legitimacy of children–this has been so throughout history and most if not all world cultures. i have heard people say that apparently in some cultures homosexual marriages were existent, but 1) is this really true? i only heard this as a vague assertion, the person never really provided any solid evidence 2) even if this were so, so what? it’s like saying we should permit pederasty or stoning just because some minority cultures in the past did it. thus, from the collective history and heritage of humanity, it simply doesn’t make sense to make it legal now.

also, this whole idea of marriage being about some romance is a recent invention cooked up by the media and hollywood, and unfortunately it has done quite a bit of harm to our modern societies. it’s spawned silly incidents like britney getting married while drunk, and also this whole gay marriage issue. my point is that both such heterosexuals and gay people are simply making a mockery out of marriage. they don’t seem to understand its deeper significance–that it’s not only about pretty wedding dresses and infatuations but about lifelong commitments, building a family, the union of two families, and society at large.

also, homosexual couples are simply different from heterosexual couples–if they want fairness, they should simply get their own institution, such as civil unions and the such. something different would be fair because the two kinds of couples are simply that–different. it makes no sense to treat two things that are ostensibly different in the same way.

on top of that, the arguments that are commonly used by the gay agenda simply don’t make sense. on the one hand they say it’s the private affair of two consenting adults, therefore it’s no one else’s business. on the other hand they say it’s about having fair rights in society. what nonsense is that? if it has admittedly societal impact, then it obviously isn’t just a private matter. the fact is that it DOES have a greater impact and that we should acknowledge that.

and one more thing to push my point all the way home: i think that this push for gay marriage smacks of insecurity on the part of the gay agenda. it’s simply a tacit acknowledgement that the heterosexual union, the traditional standard, IS the better option. and that’s the reason why they clamor and pine for it. it’s not really driven out of any desire for justice or fairness.

if it seriously were about justice, do you think they would use lies like genetics to advance their cause? studies have shown very simply that identical twins can have different sexualities, and since identical twins have 100% identical genes, this undeniably means that sexuality isn’t genetic, isn’t inborn. ergo there’s no such thing as &quot:born that way&quot:. it’s simply a falsehood that the gay community has used to pull on the heartstrings of the public and exploit people’s sympathies. on top of that, it has consistently been shown in surveys that the LGBTQ community has a lower rate of mental wellbeing, what with all the depressive and suicidal tendencies. whether or not the country surveyed is more liberal has not affected these survey results–the turnout is always the same. this tells us that the condition is inherently problematic and yet the LGBTQ community has politicized the entire issue and rallied people to their cause by resorting to falsehood instead of facing up to reality and trying to work out their issues on an individual level. and then when things go wrong, instead of being accountable to themselves they point fingers at people and scream: homophobe!

the worst thing is that the public sucks it all up without questioning any of it. i was once like that, until i decided to dig deeper. many members of the public seem to think they’re fighting a worthy cause, but the fact is that evidence grounded in reality and science shows otherwise. i wish the public would just relieve themselves of prejudice, face the facts, and stop misplacing their sympathies. the real underdogs here are the religious people–they take all this abuse when it’s the LGBTQ people who are playing the victim card in the most insidious ways imaginable. and the worst thing is that their lies go on to ruin millions or even billions of young lives around the world because the media just smears the bullshit all over. what should instead be done is to use the media in the correct way, ie to spread accurate, objective, unpoliticized information.

i just wished they’d stop victimizing themselves and fabricating untruths. grow up and deal with it instead of trying to pretend it away and pointing fingers at religious people, everyone has issues. btw, i’m not religious. my approach is purely secular and backed up by hard, solid evidence.

Legal. People should be able to form a legal union with whomever they want, for whatever reason.

Perhaps 25 years ago, I actually knew two gays who loved each other, and one adopted the other in order to be able to have some security.

I think it should be decided on a state by state case. Not everything is meant to be a federally decided issue.
If your state wants it, then by all means it should be legalized. If your state doesn’t want it, well then better luck next time or just get married in a new state.

i do not imagine it truly is going to be unlawful ( except for religious motives). My difficulty with gay &quot:marriage&quot: is using the time period marriage. Marriage is a religious union. Homosexuals can get civil ceremonies in the journey that they want and or be unionised yet i trust marriage is a time period reserved for heterosexual couples that are unionised, with the aid of religious component to the be conscious.


I believe in equal rights for all.

That’s all that actually needs to be argued.

If gays want to marry why not? I personally don’t believe in the legal entanglement of marriage period, no matter who it is.

Legal. It is not the business of anyone else. Under the law, everyone should be equal.

I believe marriages should be illegal, but partnerships can be legal. Marriage is still a shared bond between a man and a woman, not two of the same sex.

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