Belkin Wireless Router Problem?

I bought a Belkin wireless G router for my dorm room. It connected in no time and worked perfectly. Over the weekend the school internet was down however when it came back up i could not get the router to connect to the internet again.I have tried the setup disk over and over and have even restored the router to factory settings but it still wont connect. What is the problem and what can i do to fix it? Remember i have no access to the modem so i can’t unplug or reset it.

You may want to reset a Belkin router if you have lost the key to your wireless network or are having problems with the wireless network connection. Belkin wireless routers are one option for a hardware device to support a wireless network from an initial wired connection. Resetting the Belkin wireless router will override any current settings you have and reset them to their default setting.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need
Belkin wireless router
Paper clip
Check that the wireless router is turned on. The wireless router must remain on.

Turn the Belkin wireless router around to where the backside of the router is facing you.

Locate the reset hole on the wireless router. This typically is in the back of the router but also may be found on the side.

Insert the paperclip (or similar object) into the reset hole to push the reset button.

Release the reset button on the router after 10 seconds. The wireless router will restart after approximately one minute and reset all the router’s settings back to their default value.

Could be a number of issues: If you are on cable and did not really have to configure the wireless router, I would reset your router (should be a small pin hole somewhere on back or bottom, usually held about 10 seconds) and see if you can get back online. If you are on dsl that requires a username and password for pppoe authentication, you need to find out if your dsl modem or now your router make that login. If you dsl modem does, reset your router (like above). Otherwise, there is something going on with the laptop wireless drivers, make sure the drivers are installed for it. You can try going into your Network Connections and right click the wireless adapter and disable and then re-enable it (XP) or right click and run a Diagnostic on it (Vista).

The Internet connection would require exact protocols so that you can do seamless browsing on the web. In the same way, wireless router would require its accurate set of protocols. For this, get Support Dock to insert the protocols using its Home Net Manager utility.

have you tried to physically connect to network? maybe dont have connection from wall.. Im sure that there is someone you can talk to about this at school. IT department?

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